Be Bold, Be Italic, But don’t be Regular...

It's so much more than just a photo.

I'm absolutely thrilled that you're considering me for your senior portraits! Throughout my journey in photography, one paramount realization has stood out: my profound affection for SENIORS! This affection has led me to specialize exclusively in SENIOR photography. This means I am constantly immersing myself in the worlds of fashion, commercial and editorial photography, and even wanderlust photography tailored to introverts, all to provide you with an unparalleled photography journey that authentically reflects YOU!

Catering to Seniors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Hey, I'm Araebia aka Rae...

Your 12th Year Senior Photographer

HEY, I'm Araebia. A mother of 6, and your senior photographer for the DFW area. Miss Araebia Seniors for your senior portraits? Why, YES!!! We'll capture your personality, aspirations, and dreams in every shot, ensuring an unforgettable and cherished memento of your high school years. We hate boring over here, so sit tight and let's create some amazingly DOPE images. {{Yes, I still use DOPE lol}}

Elevate Your Senior Year with Timeless Elegance

Miss Araebia...

With over a decade of experience, Miss Araebia Photography has been dedicated to capturing seniors' moments. I guarantee to immortalize the authentic essence of your senior session, creating a timeless and exquisite experience.


Booking Miss Araebia for my senior portraits was the best decision I made. Her energy is unmatched, and she made the entire experience so much fun! I've never felt so comfortable in front of a camera. Posing didn't feel awkward at all, and we even had moments of silliness that resulted in fantastic memories. Plus, my album is absolutely FIRE! I couldn't be happier.

Jada S.


Ready to Print your Favorite Images?

We feel it’s a huge disservice to our clients if we just give you a USB or DVD of the most memorable time of your life. Not only that, it’s truly not in your best interest.

Let me explain why….10-25 years from now, where is the iPad or tablet going to be? Where is that CD going to be? That USB cord or CD drive? What about 150 years from now or longer?

With the constant changes in technology, I don’t need to tell you that, the CD you’ve purchased may not look super amazing on technology years later. There’s a huge possibility it won’t be viewable at all.

Prints & albums are our only true future-proof medium.

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