“Always knew you two had something special.”

I can’t tell how much I am a hopeless romantic. I love, love and I am so blessed that God poured so much of it into me, so when AJ came to me with a plan to surprise his wife for their 7th year anniversary I was all over it! My mind wouldn’t stop spinning with ideas. Being married in America for more than 3 years is a blessing. Being married for more than 10 years is amazing. But being married for more than 25 years is now considered a miracle! 

Although they didn’t get that far; mentally I did lol. I am the Pinterest queen, so with over 18k pins, I went to my ideas (or someone else’s ideas lol) I was ecstatic. For their special day, I chose a gorgeous hipster romance dinner as my base. The flower underneath the glass plate stole my heart. I am an eclectic person as it is, so putting together something minimalistic and romantic was a breeze. I think Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree(s),[ yes I went to over 4 different ones to find exactly what we needed to make her day super special] was super tired of me coming in and out lol. AJ, I tell you, he was on top of things. He called each day to make sure that I bought what I needed and he wanted to see pictures. He told me exactly what she loved (tulips especially) and Mari was super impressed with his attention to detail.

AJ made sure to let us know that he didn't care what he didn't have, the ONLY thing he wanted was his STEAK! The last thing that made her cry was the gorgeous ring that AJ bought her. Unfortunately we were too busy crying, that I forgot to get a picture of the ring #yikes.

Below you’ll see a sneak peek of the most intimate romantic 7th year anniversary for two. 

I would like to give a special Thank You so much to my daughter Jordan who is only 15 years old and have picked up baking as a passion and she is so talented with it! She rocked the cake.

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