Love Story | Concord, NC

In Living Color...

Sometimes you need a reminder where you came from and where you're going; so this post didn't happen this month or this year, but it did happen a few years ago. I wanted to re-edit it to see if it told the same story, but to my surprise I think it's telling a different story. Especially in today's society where things are being forced and pushed on people in stead of love. True love conquers all. The love of the Lord conquers everything else and agape love...well; you just can't top that.

Amber & Reggie are my interracial couple that I love the most. Their vows had no dry eyes in the church. But; what do you expect from songwriters and gifted men and women of God? You get a double whammy! By this time, Amber and Reggie now have two of the most gorgeous girls who look exactly like them, love like them and most important worship like them.

Here is just a snippet of their Love Story, but I will go digging for their wedding and I can't wait for you to see more of Gods face in the midst of his holy matrimony. Stay tuned for more of Amber + Reggie, until then - enjoy their Love Story of two people who see love in living color. Bright and vibrant as the promise God gave us. #promise