carrie | in the jungle, the mighty jungle..

with carrie being a brand rep, this was carrie's 3rd and final shoot with us. this was the day she took her senior portrait session to the jungle. we battled scars on our legs (but you'll never see those in my pictures), the heat wave of north carolina, the bugs, the trees, you name it we did it that day. but most importantly, we had so much fun. the one thing to this day I can't figure out is how did her hair not go limp the entire time. I mean, my hair stylist is good, but today was one of those days when I was super #wowd

I still remember the day when carrie came to my house to pick up her glass senior album; her reaction was way more than I ever expected. you guessed it, she cried. she was in so much shock saying, I just came and had fun like you told me...but never did I expect my images to pop off the page like this.

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