A colorful adventure awaits..

Imagine a love so strong that a man gets up and packs everything he owns and flies1,154.4 mi to meet and marry the woman of his dreams. Chynjah and Nate met because they both swiped right and BAM - life took it's course. Nate is a NC native and Chynjah is an honorary NC native that both wind up in the midwest of TX.

Their eclectic vibe and adventure spirits lead to the most amazing and fun engagement session ever. There was ice cold water for a surprise engagement and to top it off - LOTS OF COLOR being thrown everywhere.

This adventure begins in Belton TX where we hiked a few miles just to get to this gorgeous waterfalls. It was a little crowded, but I think everyone there knew what was coming and with today's technology - their proposal was on The Gram, SnapChat and probably FB. As we climbed and hiked, the back of my legs were burning (telling my age) but I am so crazy to put in the time for a perfect proposal!

Did you get a good look at Chynjah's face???

I couldn't help but laugh so hard. The water was so cold and she honestly didn't want a waterfall proposal - she felt it was so cheesy; yet she chose the location for her "couples" birthday pictures. Boy was she in for a surprise. After the grand proposal; we dried off and went to a remote & warmer location for the FIREWORKS...and by fireworks I mean LOTS OF COLOR. They ran, they fought (in good spirits) they threw color, they laughed and most importantly; as Christians they knew the having fun isn't a sin. Oh and in case you haven't guessed #teampurity was in full effect. I don't know about you, but when I hear that couples are saving themselves for marriage; it does something to me. It lets me know that God is still reverenced and honored in today's society.