Erin's + Colin's wedding was more of an emotional one because we bonded throughout this entire process. When meeting Erin; her maturity is so overwhelming, that I didn't know how young she was. You can see God's glory all over her. Colin, man....I mean, that's literally all I can say right now -because this man is beyond favored and called. I can't say everything I want because, I want you to hear the full story on the full blog, but the acceleration that God has taken him through was beyond amazing. I watched Colin get baptized (through video) and as always I'm a cry baby! When he went down, I promise you that old man did NOT come back up. These two literally stole this Mama Bears heart and I will always hold a special place for them there.

I ask that you pray for this couple and trust the Lord to guide them in His way. As you make yourself available to intercede for this couple with spoken blessings, I ask that the Lord will open your spiritual eyes and ears to comprehend what He wants to accomplish in their lives. Offer God’s own blessing to them, from His Word. Put your confidence in God, Who will carry out those blessings according to His will.

When Jesus was instructing the disciples to minister to others in the power of the Holy Spirit, He said, “Freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8). Interceding for others with spoken blessings is one way you can freely give to others in Christ’s name....Stay Tuned for the entire wedding story coming soon.

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Miss Araebia ~