Love Story | Fort Worth, TX

True Love, through thick & thin...

Hannah and Nate are the epitome of true love. And its' no wonder, their one year anniversary was right after Valentine's Day. #truelove No matter what comes their way, they continue to press through. Although you can't see, Nate has Cerebral Palsy and he's such a trooper. He makes fun of himself, he makes everyone around him laugh and he loves the Lord. What's so awesome that I love about him is the questions that he asked and the fact that he's not scared of the question or the answer. When Hannah was getting her hair and makeup done she was super excited for Nate the arrive. The second the doorbell rang, she turned so red at the idea of his presence. He came in the door, and had a handful of food for her. It was her exact order -exactly the way she likes it. Talk about paying attention to detail. (Men, take lessons).

During our shoot, I knew that due to the nature of his needs I didn't want them doing too many weird things that could hurt him, but he told me to treat him exactly like I would anyone else...AND SO THE BUMP HAPPENED!!! They danced, hugged, laughed, kiss and did everything else my other couples would do. Nate & Hannah - you're my biggest crush!