Today, was the first day we met... 🤍 Let’s see where our Messiah takes us ...

🤍Thank you for accepting all of my weirdness. 

🤍Thank you for knowing chivalry is not dead.

🤍Thank you for bringing me flowers. 

🤍Thank you for bringing my mom flowers. 


According to Jewish tradition, dating plays a very specific role. Dating is viewed as a serious matter and is not intended for entertainment purposes. Dating is reserved for mature men and women who have reached marriageable age and are actively seeking their life mate.

The restrictions on dating do not stem from old-fashioned prudishness. Rather they are a key ingredient in the creation of stable marriages between compatible spouses.

The focus of a date is to determine whether this person one is seeing has the qualities and values which will allow the two of them to live together harmoniously and happily for the rest of their lives. Hence, successful dating is an art; it requires the mind to take control of a domain which traditionally and instinctively belongs to the heart.

Modesty Considerations

Jewish law precludes a man and woman who are not married to each other from being secluded together in a private place. The Sages' keen understanding of the dynamics of sexual attraction prompted them to eliminate such settings which can easily lead to actions which will be later regretted. The preferred venue for a date is thus a neutral public or semi-private location such as a restaurant, hotel lobby or park.

The Age to Throw the Hat in the Ring

The mitzvah to marry takes effect when one becomes eighteen years of age. That is the appropriate age to begin seeking an appropriate mate. This mitzvah may be deferred to a later date if one wishes to study Torah undisturbed by the financial obligations family life entails.

On the other hand, the perceived lack of financial ability to sustain a family should not be a consideration in postponing marriage. The One who sustains all of creation can and certainly will provide for one more family! A home based on proper values is a conduit for Divine blessings for all its inhabitants.

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