When my family moved to Central Texas, as a photographer that was super hard because I had to start all over. So I did what any photographer would do. I started scouting out my location, my target market and began to find clients that believed in the product(s) that I offer. 


That's when I found Maryn. She is a track star, a cheerleader, a recruiter and an all around amazing young lady. But boy, is Maryn super busy. Finally after a few months of patiently waiting and shooting weddings, we linked up. 


Maryn arrived with a big hug and ready for hair and makeup. She knew exactly what she wanted, how she wanted to look and where she wanted to be remembered for her Senior Portraits. 


Miss Araebia made sure that she had a ball and loved every single moment of her session. We drove to the Botanical Gardens for some super amazing pictures and then Downtown Austin. The city skyline was so amazing!