And baby makes three....

Very rarely do you find out that the "husband" is the one who chose you!! When Mckenna first reached out; she told me that her husband found me, even though I lived 2 hours away from her. (Yay SEO/Google). He told her that after viewing me and another person's work; he was beyond sold on my work. Woohoo!!! My heart was so full. Mckenna and I spent numerous days choosing outfits, shoes, accessories for upcoming baby Genesis Maternity shoot. I am biased to the gorgeous burgundy dress because it reminds me of Christmas and everyone knows how much I love Christmas.

Fast Forward.....I was able to spend the entire day with family right before Resurrection Sunday and what better way to observe the Sabbath than to capture the most amazing Maternity pictures. Mckenna is my youngest bride (that I didn't shoot lol) and wife who is super smart, sweet and humbled. She chose this day specifically to shoot because it's her husbands birthday and he's deployed. What a selfless person. Living so close to the military base, you meet so many amazing people with so many different and unique stories and Mckenna's is no different. She and her husband met while they were deployed and instantly knew that each other were the one so she didn't wait. I love true love stories like that. When you know it's the right one; don't spend time wasting away when you can begin to build an empire together.

We're super excited to meet you baby Genesis and I pray this epidemic is over soon so that I can come meet you in Fort Hood, TX. We're already your Aunts & Uncles <3.