A Chapel Fairytale

For the past 2 weeks, I have been re-editing some of my images from the past. I am totally in love with how these images came out of the Lowerys' weddings back in 2016! The one thing that makes my workflow so seamless and super fast...is BLOGSTOMP!!! Without this program, blogging would take hours. Trying to put together these stories so that my audience can see exactly what you're going to get while I'm shooting your wedding is now a breeze for me.

We have fun, I capture the most important moments while you're just focusing on your day. I literally just updated to the latest version of Blogstomp 3 and I am amazed at how much faster this program is from version 2. IDK what took me so long to upgrade (complacency) will do that to you, when I need to be keeping up how to keep up such a seamless flow! This is it and I'm super stoked. I'm about to go back to re-editing more images and blogging more things now that I have Blogstomp. #Affliate

Below are a few images that I've stomped to create a short story until the full story is fully edited.