Your 12th Year, is only once in a lifetime!

I Want To Help You Make This Day, Special, Meaningful And Perfect. 

Below you'll find our pricing and collections.


We require a $150 non-refundable Retainer Fee to book your session. It covers:

  • professional hair and makeup,
  • the time and talent of the photographer
  • session prep + our "what to wear guide"

  • Your product credit of $200 is due 48 hours before your session, this will be deducted from your collection balance. The Full Balance from your chosen collection is due 30 after your session. We offer payment plans to pay your balance, that can be broken down by 2,3 or 4 payments. Please ask about this option ✨.
  • If you're using Afterpay, your retainer fee is due and then I'll send you an invoice for the full amount of your collection and shop now...and pay later!!!

custom heirloom collections


Ready to Print your Favorite Images?

We feel it’s a huge disservice to our clients if we just give you a USB or DVD of the most memorable time of your life. Not only that, it’s truly not in your best interest.

Let me explain why….10-25 years from now, where is the iPad or tablet going to be? Where is that CD going to be? That USB cord or CD drive? What about 150 years from now or longer?

With the constant changes in technology, I don’t need to tell you that, the CD you’ve purchased may not look super amazing on technology years later. There’s a huge possibility it won’t be viewable at all.

Prints & albums are our only true future-proof medium.

"the m.a.p. experience"

—Miss Araebia


Mark 7:34