Senior year is an exciting time, filled with memorable moments and experiences, one of the most anticipated being your senior photo session. As you prepare for this milestone, there's a trend that we advise against: getting a tan before your senior session. While the idea of a golden glow might seem appealing, there are several reasons why you should avoid it. Here are five important ones:

1. Uneven Tan Lines:

Getting a tan, whether through sunbathing or tanning beds, can lead to uneven and noticeable tan lines. Those strap marks from your bikini or those sunglass tan lines might not be so fashionable in your senior photos. Retouching such blemishes can be time-consuming and costly, and sometimes, they're impossible to fix.

2. Risk of Sunburn:

Tanning outdoors comes with the risk of sunburn, which can leave your skin red and painful. A sunburn can take days or even weeks to heal, and the last thing you want is to look uncomfortable or be in pain during your senior photo session. Even worse, sunburn can cause peeling and flakiness, which won't look great in your pictures.

3. Changes in Skin Tone:

Tanning can significantly alter your skin tone. If you're not used to having a deep tan, the contrast between your newly tanned skin and your natural skin tone can be striking. This might not be the look you were going for in your senior pictures, as it can make your skin appear uneven and discolored.

4. Tan Lines and Outfit Choices:

When you have distinct tan lines, it can limit your choices for outfits during your senior photo session. You might find that your favorite dress or top doesn't work because it highlights or clashes with your tan lines. To avoid this, it's best to start your session with a natural skin tone.

5. Unpredictable Results:

Tanning, whether in the sun or using tanning products, can yield unpredictable results. Factors like your skin type, the type of tan you get, and how your skin reacts to tanning products can all affect the outcome. There's a risk that the tan might not look as you envisioned, leaving you dissatisfied with the results.

While it's natural to want to look your best for your senior photo session, getting a tan beforehand can lead to more problems than solutions. Instead, embrace your natural skin tone and consider professional makeup, lighting, and photography to enhance your look. Your natural beauty will shine through, creating timeless and stunning senior pictures you'll cherish for a lifetime. So, when the time comes, step into your senior photo session with confidence, and let your true self shine in all its glory.