Nationally featured & published hair + makeup artist

Our licensed hair and makeup artist, Chynjah, stands among the industry's finest. Pronounced "China," she's a Paul Mitchell-trained professional with an Ogle Beauty School license in both hair and makeup artistry. Chynjah's journey includes collaborating with esteemed artists, designers, and photographers of critical acclaim, both on renowned runways in Atlanta and Charlotte, and as a model. Now, she extends this same level of exceptional quality and experience to her valued clientele.

The Story of a Makeup Artist

Chynjah pronounced "China" is a Paul Mitchell-trained, Ogle Beauty School licensed hair and makeup artist. She has had the pleasure of working with many critically and nationally acclaimed artists, designers, and photographers. Both on the runway as a model in Atlanta/Charlotte and now she offers the same quality experience to her clientele.   Chynjah has studied the facial and bone structure of the head and body extensively to ensure the color, cut, & makeup application look best suits you!

Chynjah currently works for Blo Dry Bar where she was rapidly promoted to Salon Manager within days of starting as a stylist.

Passionate about her continuation of education so she continues to take classes nationally and tune into video sessions when offered. She is also passionate about her brand and uses the Paul Mitchell product line.  Numerous blogs and publications have nationally featured Chynjah’s senior clientele.


  • she loves Britney Spears
  • she loves converse
  • she only shops at target
  • she loves giraffes
  • she loves French fries
  • she buys gum ALL THE TIME
  • she watches CLUELESS almost every single day
  • she loves graphic tees & comic books
  • her style is in her words "Rodeo Drive Homelessness"

                                               - XOXO, 

Chynjah De Lain Artistry


Miss Triniti

“My senior pictures exuded a luminous radiance and an exquisite beauty that I had never seen before. Her mastery is a genuine gift, and I'm grateful for the enchanting transformation she brought to my special moments.”

01 / 06

“When Chynjah works her magic on your face, it's as if she knows exactly how to enhance your beauty without sacrificing the natural texture of your skin. Thanks to her skill, my senior pictures radiated a luminous glow and a newfound beauty. Miss Chynjah's touch is nothing short of enchanting!”


01 / 14