Then there was four...

**UPDATED 2023 I officially have 2 left in HS... and 2 married

Jay is my second child to have graduated HS. I officially have four left. (actually by the time you're reading this, I have 3 left now. My middle son, graduated a year early) I think his story is the most eventful. For 4 years, his sister kept asking can she go to prom with him and every single year for days and months at a time. He kept saying no. She asked him was he taking someone else, and he was like he doesn't know. Fortunately; in my family we don't start a courtship until we have heard from the Lord for the green light, so it looked like he was attending prom alone.

Fast Forward --> we went prom shopping for Jay. Picked out all his clothes, got his hair cut, shoes, jacket, etc. He was looking amazing! I gave him money for dinner and he was ready to go.

The day OF THE PROM....he tells my daughter..."Are you coming???" WHAT!!!! We literally just left the mall!!! My daughter was ecstatic as she knew he'd change his mind, but for the last minute was No Bueno!!! I had to drive my daughter BACK to the mall to find her something. Um missy, you just had a prom 2 years ago you have a very small budget. Needless to say, they're blessed so she still got what she wanted and they looked amazing!

Being a photographer allows me to capture ALL my children's precious moment and print their photos for the future. I honestly miss Concord, NC and the Concord HS Family, but we have found a new place called home in the Dallas Fort Worth area!