Miss Jordan

Jordan is homeschooled and graduated 1 year early from Dominion Christian Academy and Penn Foster High School. She is a teen baker and bakes the most gorgeous wedding cakes CLICK HERE that you've ever seen.

She's a Believer in the Torah and loves Yeshua. Jordan is representing her Late Father's shirt that she incorporated into her session because she knew just how proud of her he was and she will always take that with her.

FUN FACT - Jordan can't walk in heel lol. She tripped so many times in her clear heels and we had to have back up to hold her up. This definitely made her shoot spectacular. Why, because you ONLY see the gorgeous images, but not the behind the scenes. Which tells you, bring those shoes you can't walk in, we'll make it work!!! lol.

As you can see, her favorite color is PINK and because she's homeschooled she was able to choose any cap and gown of her choice to represent her own personality.


You’ve got your outfit planned, know exactly what you’re doing with your hair, and have already spoken to the makeup artist about that wicked cat eye. Now it’s time to consider your accessories, which can make or break your outfit. Here are four things to keep in mind. 

  1. Don’t let the accessories wear you. Too big or too zany can overwhelm your face and body, taking away from the overall image. This is about you. 
  2. Choose accessories that mean something to you. Maybe you want to wear a ring your mother gave you, or those earrings that always earn you compliments. 
  3. Try not to choose anything that’s heavily ornamented. In a few years, ultra trendy items can look really, really dated. Funky and fun are A-OK, of course, but be thoughtful in your decisions. 
  4. Make sure your accessories all work well with your outfit. For example, a thin belt may flatter your figure more than a thick belt. And those dangly earrings may look best with your hair up while the studs look good with your hair down. 
  5. Get a second, and third, opinion. Wear everything you plan to put on for your session day and ask for someone else’s advice. Take some pictures, even, and ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions.  #missaraebia #fortworthseniorphotographer #seniorportraits #senior #classof2022 #classof2023 #pennfoster #homeschool #teenbaker #weddingcake