The Chynjah De Lain | I'm one happy momma!

There are so many words that I can say about Chynjah because 1. she's my daughter, but I'll just start with how proud I am!!! Chynjah went from wanting to be a PA, Teacher, Chef, etc. I finally told her to STOP...relax and think about what you want to do with your life because you continue to waste money on a degree or program that you will NOT do when you get older.

After about 1.5 years, her passion for hair took over. Next thing I know, she's doing the hair for my seniors and watching my makeup artist at the time apply makeup and learn her newly found skill. The one thing that I totally loved about Ebony, is that she NEVER treated Chynjah differently because she wanted to learn. She taught her, mentored her, corrected her and watched her every step of the way.

Chynjah, we're super proud of you. You have grown to be so successful and you haven't even gotten started yet!!! You have less than 300 hours to be completed with Ogle Beauty School and you're graduating with HONORS!!! Not to mention, the National Honors Society wants YOU!!!! I'm one proud momma!

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