WHY...Doesn't Miss Araebia Photography offers all digitals for download or on a USB???

Remember, there is a photographer for every price point. You can hire that photographer that will take your pictures, put them on a USB or in a gallery and you post on social media and NEVER print your family's heirloom. Now, tell me something. How does that benefit you if you need electricity to see your product?

  • We feel it’s a huge disservice to our clients if we just give you a USB or DVD of the most memorable time of your life. Not only that, it’s truly not in your best interest. 
  • Let me explain why….10-25 years from now, where is the iPad or tablet going to be? Where is that CD going to be? That USB cord or CD drive? What about 150 years from now or longer? With the constant changes in technology, I don’t need to tell you that, the CD you’ve purchased may not look super amazing on technology years later. 
  • There’s a huge possibility it won’t be viewable at all. Prints & albums are our only true future proof medium. They can travel from family to family or sit on a bookshelf for numerous years & still be viewed with no additional effort required by anyone. Forget what happens 30-50 years from now, does viewing digital images REALLY come close to holding & viewing your actual piece of artwork in person? We honestly do not believe it does.  
  • Just think about it after the glitz and glamour, THE DRESS, THE SHOES, the hair, the makeup, the venue, the limo, the catering, the horse carriage ride, the flock of doves released during the kiss, the fireworks and all the other things that we as seniors or brides purchase for our big day - all that's left is one of your biggest investment ---> your amazing pictures {{in a gorgeous album or prints}}.

WE have always provided our clients with prints, collections & a la carte, but starting today - we now offer HI RESOLUTION DIGITALS with every collection and packages for all of our Seniors/The Wanderers.  

YES, we still offer AH-MAZ-ING prints, albums & wall arts, but you can order them at your discretion.