Wooden Box + Prints

Our wooden box with a gloss shine is to die for! Dani's mother wanted something that she could look through all the images that she's taken from her Love Session & Wedding styled shoot and I suggested our wooden image box because it could hold almost 200 images. Guess what??? There's 182 images in this box and it still closes! Every single image is to die for. From them jumping on one another, laughing, crying and just being super fierce, all their moments are preserved in this gorgeous 4x6 custom image box.

We offer this box in two sizes, 5x7 and 4x6. You'll get a modern look combined with "Old Feel." Beautiful grain and precisely machined edges. A match made in heaven. We try to choose the best products that will look great on any coffee table or in any room setting. Don't forget - Wooden Box w/Prints.