Pink Lemonade Elopement Styled Shoot

Every now and again we get two people who may have only known each for a little bit of time, but when they come together they're magical! Imagine seeing this much love and there wasn't a kiss in sight. Couples that choose purity before marriage are my favorite because I hold tight to the sanity of marriage. I love when God is first and everything else follows. Watching and guiding this session was amazing. Even when I gave prompts to do one thing and it may have not be in compliance with their courtship, they looked at one another and changed it so that they could still could find joy in the midst of their session.

And Yes; those are REAL FRUIT in her bouquet!!! I love to go above and beyond for my shoots!

Venue: The Dimebox Ballroom

Hair & Makeup: Chynjah De Lain Artistry

Dress: Amazon #duh lol #prime

Shoes: She hates those...#barefeet